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Wearable Art & T's

LA Outback Walk Softly Shirts

Our T-Shirts are back! We've decided to work with Cafe Press these days as a matter of convenience for you and for us. Rather than keeping a limited inventory of shirts in the shop, we can provide many more options for styles, colors and sizes through Cafe Press so you never have to worry about our stock levels on the designs you want.

Pick up a wide variety of wearable items with LA Outback's slogan "Walk Softly and Carry a Loud Stick" printed on them. Keep in mind that the Cafe Press store front is a seperate check out than our store, so you'll be transferred to their site to make your selection and payment.

Hand Painted Bone Jewelry

Listed below are some very unique pieces of jewelty. This kangaroo bone jewelry is hand painted by descendants of the Kamiliroi tribe in southern Queensland, Australia. There are 7 different shapes, each with a bead and leather cord. These are hand made of natural materials so they may vary a bit in color, shape and painting. The paintings of animals are indigenous to the local region. The paintings of people show them dancing or playing the didgeridoo.
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