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No Worries Guarantee

 No Worries Guarantee
We never forget that the only way
to uphold our valuable reputation
is to make you a satisfied customer.

We may look big on the web, but L.A.Outback is just four fellas with one aim: to fit you out with a quality didgeridoo that you'll enjoy for a lifetime. As most small businesses go, we're smaller, and that's a good thing for you. Give us the chance and we'll help you suss out that perfect first didgeridoo, or find an elusive one with all of the acoustic qualities you've been wanting to add to your collection. Best of all, you can buy from us with the confidence of our "No Worries" guarantee.
Our guarantee covers your total satisfaction with any product or service we offer. It also covers the safety and security of our online shopping cart to protect your personal information and privacy. For detailed information about these policies in particular just visit our Store Policy and Security page. But our no worries mantra covers more than what you'd expect...
We're always here, ready to take your calls or respond to your emails 7 days a week. Plus we're in California, so if you're in New York or Pensacola and want to give us a ring at 8 PM your time we're still open out west! And here's a few bullet points regarding our service and care:

• We pack your order above UPS standards to insure safe delivery

• We automatically send you your UPS tracking number via email

• We sanitize your didgeridoo mouthpiece before packing

• We inspect and carefully fill your order so nothing is missing

• We are the #1 didgeridoo seller for use in Sleep Apnea Therapy

• We have a 30-Day exchange policy with no restocking fee

• We offer private Didgeridoo Lesson Via Skype in your home or office

• We offer lay-away! 25% down gets you 60 days to pay off your order

• We're here before and after your purchase to provide great service

Lastly, our authentic eucalyptus didgeridoos are made in Australia, but they're already here in the U.S., so you don't have to worry about ordering a didge from Australia, along with the costs and concerns of overseas shipping. If your order from Australia is lost or damaged there's heaps to deal with and much time lost with no didgeridoo to play. And if you don't like the didge it will be far too expensive to ship it back to Australia. We make it easy to get the didgeridoo you want quickly, safely, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face as wide as the big Australian outback.

Your mates at L.A.Outback,

Didgeridoo LA Outback


Get A Didgeridoo and Start Playing!

Quality Didgeridoos and Their Cost

For over 18 years we've earned a solid reputation for the best variety and highest quality didgeridoos in the U.S. We'd like for you to consider an Australian eucalyptus didgeridoo with genuine Aboriginal artwork, but there are other choices below to fit most budgets.

The Eucalyptus Didgeridoos that we have are properly crafted and hand selected. They vary in price from $198 to over $800 depending upon the quality of sound, rarity of shape or size, and how much time went into the crafting and/or artwork. The average cost for a great sounding unpainted eucalyptus didgeridoo is about $250, and the average price for a beautiful Aboriginal painted didgeridoo is around $350. We help support over 30 Aboriginal artists and crafters, and on this website you will find their photos, bios and information about the Dreamtime artwork.


Beginners love our Modern Didgeridoos for their bright, clear tone and super easy playability. They truly are the very best sounding didgeridoos for the money. And for Sleep Apnea Didgeridoo Therapy our Modern Didgeridoos offer the best therapeutic benefit for your investment, so crush the urge to go for the cheapest model you can find elsewhere. I've been selling didges for over 18 years, and while there are heaps of low quality didgeridoos on the market I've had countless customers buy a junky one elsewhere only to come back to us for a proper one.

Didgeridoo Mouthpieces and Your Health

You won't find mention of this on most other didgeridoo websites (although they should). A concern about clean didgeridoo mouthpieces began with my very first trip to Australia. I had gone there to suss out contacts with Aboriginal artists and didgeridoo crafters from the Central Desert to far NE Arnhem Land. I also found gift shops filled with low quality souvenir didgeridoos, and folks were always trying to play them, including me! I started carrying disposable alcohol wipes, and then did some research about germs, viruses and antigens just to educate myself and our customers.

Truth be told, most folks rarely clean their mouthpieces and never get sick by sharing them. Still, we disinfect all of our mouthpieces with a product we call Didgeri-Clean. It contains tea tree oil (a natural antiseptic) and lavender oil, so your new didgeridoo will arrive clean, fresh, and ready to rumble!


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