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Multi-Drone Bamboo Didgeridoo "Darijadu" by Mob

Artist / Crafter:
Mob Didgeridoos

Key: F-10 multi-drone
Overtone toots: E and more
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Wood: Bamboo and wood
Length: 59"
Mouth: 1.4" Outer diameter
Bell: 5" Outer diameter
Backpressure: Medium-High
Mouthpiece: Cherry wood
Weight: 5 lbs / 2.3 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIIIIIIII High

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Concert Quality Multi Drone Didgeridoo

mob multi drone didges

Crafted by Mob Didgeridoo
Watch a VIDEO demo of this didgeridoo below!

Introducing the birth of the Bamboo Multi Drone didgeridoo! "What really excites me", says Mob-man Will, "is these instruments enable me to craft solid multi drone instruments that are more affordable. After months of brainstorming it took some time to find a material that could achieve the specific shape necessary for this type of instrument and still maintain a natural and powerful sound. The idea of assembling multiple diameters of high quality bamboo struck me like lightning as the perfect option. I dropped all wood projects at the time and dove head-first into making these meet my quality standards. The new material and construction techniques make for an amazingly well balanced instrument that is excellent for playing complex modern styles. The thicker bamboo used for the middle and bell section is amazingly hard and up to 2 cm thick.

These new creations feature the same hand carved mouthpieces that I craft on my wood instruments. For me a good mouthpiece is the most important part of a didgeridoo. Give me a good mouthpiece on a milk carton and I’ll still be able to make it sound funky! The point is, when treated like wood in regards to shape, design and selection of the right bamboo, this stuff is incredible! As a player who likes to play many notes - and play them fast - the density of the bamboo offers a very solid clear projection of whatever power I throw into it. Each one is an all around dream for learning the multi drone technique and each one ripples with energy as you play it. Prepare to be amazed by the transformation of a material widely considered to be of very limited use for didgeridoos. Let the limitless EXPLODE!!!

Whether you're just starting out or you are a master seeking the expanded range of the multi drone, this instrument will be an accelerating amplifier to your sonic expression. The concave mouthpiece conforms to your face for a perfect fit and a comfortable, superior seal. This makes a larger mouthpiece easily manageable to provide the maximum amount of subtle lip control that is unattainable on flat small mouthpieces. This subtle lip control is what makes hitting lower drone frequencies possible. This didgeridoo has been balanced so that it’s concave mouth piece aligns perfectly with your mouth in a naturally held position. This type of mouthpiece is recommended for playing out of the front of the mouth to achieve the drop octave technique. This is a handsome didgeridoo with a solid, gorgeous finish. Double resin coated inside and out for enhanced sound quality, luster and durability. Features a smooth and comfortable wooden mouthpiece that's been sanitized with Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil). This didgeridoo is waterproof, unaffected by hot or cold weather conditions, and very easy to care for, no worries.

Soundwise: Concert Quality

Will says, "The sound quality of these bamboo instruments is so consistently good that rather than describing the sound characteristics of each, the following information will hopefully empower you to make a better choice for yourself based on the key of each instrument. I have crafted the information assuming that most people are relatively new to this technique and so the information is weighted towards how it will be to
learn on each different key. If you are completely new to the Drop Octave and Multidrone techniques check out the VIDEO tab below to learn what they are and learn the lingo. The video samples should give a better idea of the range and character of the sound of each instrument and I try to jump around to several styles with each to simply show the range. If you are adventurous enough and eager to learn you may want to simply snatch up what looks or sounds good to you, if the instrument inspires you in some way you will figure it out as I did––without the information :-) Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Includes our didgeridoo care guide and playing guide.

Watch Will demo this didgeridoo for you.

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Sound quality rating for this didgeridoo: CONCERT QUALITY
CONCERT QUALITY First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.
HIGH QUALITY Very good sound. Better than most found at comparable prices.
GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.
FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for mucking around on, or as a conversation piece.


About MOB Didgeridoo

mob didgeridoo for saleMob Didgeridoo is a collective of didgeridoo crafters in Southern California focused on exploring and evolving contemporary didgeridoo design.
The group was started by William Thoren of WET Didgeridoo in 2011, as a platform to further develop the “multidrone” didgeridoo. Will says “ I always wanted to create an environment where I could be pushed and inspired by other crafters. Over the years I’ve learned so much from the west coast didgeridoo community. We have a symbiotic relationship where our crafting processes have influenced one another and evolved together.  I wanted that sort of co-evolution to be accelerated under one roof, so we could create something beyond what we could accomplish as individuals. That’s what we have been able to establish with the Mob collective."
The Mob consists of an eclectic group of didgeridoo crafters, didgeridoo performers, artists and musicians based in Southern California. Experienced crafters from further regions collaborate as well to make unique instruments that combine the multidrone-focused Mob’s style with these crafters own unique instrument preferences. Examples of some of these kind of collaborators are Chad Butler, Myke Gomezmaicas, Dan Flynn, Geoff Frost and Lewis Burns. Mob crafters and visual artists past and present include William Thoren, Chris Barker, Trafiel Lewis, Dylan Dudley, Donald Fisher, Hunter Forrest, Ryan Haines, Matt Grosswendt (aka Moltron), Cj Henderson and Shaun Fleming.

shibaten bamboo didgeridoo
The Bamboo Multidrone concept is what transformed Mob from a vision into a reality. This is because the process required to make them is very difficult on a small scale and requires a team to accomplish. Mob has expanded from it’s bamboo roots to include wood, and a mix of wood/bamboo hybrid multidrones. Most recently the new Nomad didgeridoo designs have been the main focus of the Mob. These two, three or four piece instruments with tuning slides fit inside themselves like russian dolls. The three and four piece designs are made to have a tunable relationship between the first trumpet and the drone. This provides a dynamic tuning that pushes what is possible for didgeridoo used in contemporary music.

“I believe they are some of the best didges in the world for contemporary playing. I’ve been keeping many for my own personal recording and performing, even replacing favored wood didges I have played for years. We are constantly exploring new materials and designs. Together we can test as a group, and explore didge crafting and ways that really push boundaries. Even though multidrone is a very new concept and we have had to create the demand for it, we have gotten enough support to make it all work and continue to grow. We are hugely grateful for the support the didgeridoo community has given us to make this dream a reality.” - William Thoren




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