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Eucalyptus Didgeridoo "Deep Drifter" by Paddy Perrow

Artist / Crafter:
Paddy Perrow

Overtone toots: G, D#, A, C#
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Wood: Woolybutt eucalyptus
Length: 55.25"
Mouth: 2" Outer diameter
Bell: 3.25" Outer diameter
Backpressure: Strong
Mouthpiece: Organic beeswax
Weight: 8.2 lbs / 3.7 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIlllIll High

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"Deep Drifter"
High Quality Eucalyptus Didgeridoo

01-eucpntdpp10-s.jpgCrafted by Paddy Perrow
Watch a VIDEO demo of this didgeridoo below!

This didgeridoo is from Australia's Northern Territory. It's in perfect pitch in C with a DEEP SONIC PULSE and a good balance of acoustics. Very easy to play. Paddy painted up this handsome HIGH QUALITY didgeridoo with his own hand prints in a combintion of natural ochres (earth pigments) and acrylic paints. Hand prints have been used as signatures in rock art all over the world, but nowhere more prevalent than Australia, especially in the ancient caves of the Northern Territory. Desert sand was mixed into the paints creating a ruggedly textured feel to the outside of this didgeridoo. The texture makes it very easy to hold the didge without it wanting to slide or slip out of your hand. The hand prints were done twice, first with black and then white, creating a shadow effect.
This didgeridoo was crafted from termite hollowed eucalyptus. The bore is clear which increases volume, harmonics, and clarity of tone. An art fixative, as used on charcoal and pastel artwork, was used to protect the wood and help prevent the natural ochres from smearing. The interior bore is clear and open which increases volume, harmonics, and clarity of tone. Fitted with a comfortable mouthpiece made of organic beeswax which will be sanitized with Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil) being shipping out to you, no worries. The mouthpiece can easily be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Instructions included, no worries.

Soundwise: High Quality
With good sound and easy playability, this didgeridoo delivers a HAUNTINGLY DEEP drone with well defined harmonics It would be perfect to learn on with heaps of sonic qualities that you'll enjoy for a lifetime. It's a sonically warm instrument that sounds as earthy and handsome as the land "down under" where it came from. It's also easy to carry about because it's not a really big, heavy didgeridoo. Optimal strong backpressure for its size and pitch make the circular breathing technique easeful. Excellent value for its sound quality. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Watch the video below to see Barry demo this didgeridoo for you. Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
FREE SHIPPING in the continental U.S.! Includes Certificate of Authenticity, care guide and playing guide.

Watch Barry demo this didgeridoo for you below.

What if you don't bond with this didgeridoo?
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Sound rating for this didgeridoo: HIGH QUALITY
CONCERT QUALITY First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.
HIGH QUALITY Great sound! Better than most found at comparable prices.
GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.
FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for mucking around on, or as a conversation piece.

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