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Didgeridoo for Beginners "The Budget Natural" by LA Outback Didgeridoos

Artist / Crafter:
LA Outback

Key: D#
Skill Level: Beginner
Material: Polyresin
Length: 44"
Mouth end: 1.22" Inner diameter
Bell end: 2.75" Outer diameter
Backpressure: Strong
Weight: 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg
Ease of play: Very easy


    About Our "Budget Natural" Didgeridoos

    Made in the USA, our modern didgeridoos offer a bright acoustic around the key of D# which is excellent for beginners to learn on. They average 44 inches length and 1.5 inches in diameter with an expertly shaped mouthpiece that's sanded smooth and sized to an opening of about 1.22 inches to fit your lips perfectly (no beeswax needed).

    These are the highest quality modern didgeridoos available anywhere, hand crafted and hand painted here in California. Customers are blown away by the sound and looks of these top quality didgeridoos. Hand crafted from a light in weight yet virtually indestructible polyresin. Rain, sun, or freezing temperatures are no worries, and the whole didgeridoo is crafted from a single tube. See Our Full Range of Modern Didgeridoos



    Sleep apnea customers; we don't recommend this smaller didgeridoo for your therapy. The pitch (key) is a bit too high and the compression too strong for therapeutic use. All of our other Modern Didgeridoos are the perfect size, pitch and compression rate for Sleep Apnea Didgeridoo Therapy.
    Buying this as a gift? No worries, it can be exchanged within 30 days for any reason. Orders usually ship within 24 hours and take 1 - 5 business days for delivery.
    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific

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    1. Blort ...yohhhhh ... splutter ...  star rating

      Posted by Trev Errinson on 17th Jan 2015

      That's me, TRYING to play my new didge. Sounds absolutely pathetic at this stage -- rather like a dying animal -- but every so often, I'll do something right and this beautiful, mellow drone comes through so I CAN hear the ""potential"" of this cool instrument -- which impressed me from the instant I took it out of the box! Sooooo much prettier than it looks on the site, and gorgeous tone (even though I can't do it justice yet). Well worth the money, in every way, and went way beyond my expectations. Makes the journey from dreadful to droning a pleasure and I am determined to ""get there!"" Thank you!

    2. Nice beginner didge  star rating

      Posted by Jody Ovsiew on 8th Jan 2015

      Sweet instrument, awesome Service, totally going to buy a more advanced didge from this guys!

    3. Fast shipping, great product!  star rating

      Posted by Remi St-Pierre on 27th Dec 2014

      The shipping was fast and it was easy to learn playing didgeridoo with this product. Was able to circular breath after 1 week with the help of the dvd and a few other tutorial on youtube.

    4. Affordable and great sounding!  star rating

      Posted by Tracy LeCocq on 27th Dec 2014

      The Budget Natural is everything you promised and my sister loves it. It's sleek, it's beautiful and the sound is gorgeous. Of course, she already wants the bigger, better options. And I want the full 'how to play and scare your neighbors' videos as well. My only hitch in the get-a-long is the fact that UPS doesn't apparently work on Saturdays in California, so paying an extra thirty dollars for overnight delivery is apparently a moot point. You might give them a nudge as they even work on Christmas Eve all the way out in the middle of nowhere.

    5. Top 10 Service!  star rating

      Posted by Joseph Cutrufello on 11th Dec 2014

      Good product good price great service overall a 10!!!

    6. Great starter didge!  star rating

      Posted by Saoirse on 9th Dec 2014

      he Budget Natural is a great starter. You can start practicing playing and breathing correctly with a great sound for Aboriginal and Celtic music sounds.

    7. My first didge!  star rating

      Posted by Carl Hinson on 5th Dec 2014

      Got it and played it out of the box. Great sound and fun to play!

    8. What A Deal!  star rating

      Posted by Anne Scully on 1st Dec 2014

      Arrived in short time. VERY well packed... nice-looking didge... good deal for the money and sounds great and REALLY easy to play. It'll be a pleasure learning to play on it. Thanks!

    9. The Best Service Ever!  star rating

      Posted by Paula Contreras on 29th Nov 2014

      I called the guys ahead of time to make sure that it would get here in time for Christmas, I think I talked to Barry or Mark (can't quite remember), they were friendly and assured me that I would get it in time. It did and in excellent shape. Well packaged for shipping especially for such a long piece. My Son loves it and is already enjoying playing it.

    10. Well made, looks cool, VERY easy to play  star rating

      Posted by Jamie Stafford on 22nd Jul 2014

      I was looking for a didgeridoo for my youngest 2 daughters to play but didn't want to buy a cheap piece of crap made who knows where. LA outback has a great reputation and their return policy is as good as you ask for. It just took maybe a minute for each of them to make a decent drone and they were ecstatic!!

      I have a very nice Eucalyptus Didgeridoo that is about 20 years old and didn't want 3 people playing it and, cleaning it would just be constant so this didge worked out great. Nice sound, that does get loud, super easy too clean, and circular breathing is effortless, for me anyway. The kids have only had it for 2 days but the 1 is already beat boxing and animals calls!!
      We are gonna have some much fun by our bonfire now!!

      Thanks to LAoutback for selling a great product at a reasonable price.

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