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Didgeridoo "Billabong" - LA Outback Didgeridoos

Artist / Crafter:
LA Outback

Key: C#
Skill Level: Beginner
Material: Polyresin
Length: 50"
Mouth: 2" Outer diameter
Bell: 2.75" Outer diameter
Backpressure: Strong/Optimal
Weight: 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
Ease of play: Very easy



    About Our "Billabong" Modern Didgeridoos

    The Billabong artwork on our Modern Didgeridoos is inspired by aboriginal icons for water marshes. The concentric circles represent water holes that spring up during the wet season. The instrument is hand painted in colorful hues of indigo and cerulean blue with white accent dots. This didgeridoo is very easy to play with awesome clarity and a deep, cavernous drone. Full details below, but if you have any questions please ring us on (800) 519-1140.

    These didgeridoos are about four feet in length and two inches in diameter with an expertly shaped mouthpiece that's sanded smooth and sized to an opening of about 1.25 inches to fit your lips perfectly (no beeswax needed). We offer two other styles of artwork on our Modern Didgeridoos, see them here! All of our Modern Didgeridoos are the same size with the same sound quality and ease of play. Just pick the one you like.

    These are the highest quality Modern Didgeridoos available anywhere, hand crafted and hand painted here in California. They are crafted from a single tube so there's no smelly rubber mouthpiece or extra bits glued on like the cheap toy versions made in India (you see those listed all over eBay). Plus, with those toy versions on Amazon and eBay, you have no idea if the mouthpiece is sanitized or what's in the paint on those things. Our Modern Didgeridoos are made right here in California by us, one at a time, with very high standards of quality in sound, safe materials and non-toxic paints and finishes. So, please consider stretching your budget just a bit. You'll know what you're getting and also feel better by not supporting third-world labor schemes.

    Customers are blown away by the sound and looks of our top quality Modern Didgeridoos like the "Billabong". They are perfect for a beginner of any age, and have also become the most popular choice among buyers for use in therapy to treat Sleep Apnea, Chronic Snoring, Asthma and COPD.

    Hand crafted from a light in weight yet virtually indestructible polyresin. Rain, sun, or freezing temperatures are no worries, and the whole didgeridoo is crafted from a single tube so no additional mouthpiece is needed.


     The video above shows Andrew playing one of our Modern Didgeridoos



    Actual customer email:

    Hey guys, I received my modern didge and it is awesome! I had been playing my eucalyptus but was looking for something light weight and durable enough to be taken anywhere. The only problem was that all of the other so called "modern" didges offered by various other companies were poorly made with cheap rubber mouth pieces. I had heard praises about you guys and decided to check you out. I am glad I did! Not only is my modern didge beautiful to look at, but this thing is very well made. I must admit that I was a bit worried about the sound quality but as soon as I played it, I was quite impressed. The vocals are loud and clear and playing is a breeze! If anyone else is reading this and looking for a durable modern didge check out what L.A.OUTBACK has to offer. These guys will treat you right!

    Keith - St. Louis, MO


    Actual customer email:

    Hi! I called and spoke to someone about buying a didgeridoo for sleep apnea; I agonized trying to decide and the man I spoke with was very helpful. I ended up picking out a modern one. I have been meaning to write and just tell you that first, you were so helpful on the phone; then, the instrument arrived SO quickly I was amazed, and so carefully wrapped! And, I was a little worried that the modern ones would look a little cheesy or cheap, but I just have to say--it is gorgeous. Really! I got the "Kingfisher" and it is really so nice looking it looks like sculpture in my room!

    Thank you for a great website, good values (price and ethics), good service and a gorgeous product.

    Jennie - San Francisco, California


    10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Pacific

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    1. Modern Wonder :)  star rating

      Posted by Stephanie Taylor on 18th Jun 2014

      I purchased this as a Valentine's gift for my sweetheart and it was extremely successful. He has really taken to playing the didgeridoo. Sound quality is excellent and the art work is much better than expected.

    2. wonderful product  star rating

      Posted by Bryan S Wood on 2nd Jun 2014

      I can't wait to get to where I can get the circular breathing down. it is fun.

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