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Didgeri-Clean - Didgeridoo Mouthpiece Antiseptic Spray

Artist / Crafter:
LA Outback
    Didgeridoo mouthpiece antiseptic spray
    2oz spray bottle. Didgeri-Clean is a combination of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils in a hydrosol suspension to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on any didgeridoo mouthpiece. Works on beeswax, wood, plastic, epoxy or rubber mouthpieces. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and also anti-fungal, so a few pumps of spray on the inside of your didgeridoo will eliminate any funky odors that build up from heaps of playing. Lavender oil is added for a fresh, clean and calming scent. All natural. No alcohol. And you get 2 oz that will last many months while costing less than even one bottle of tea tree oil alone.
    A product of L.A.Outback. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contains 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)


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    1. Is this cleaner or colone?  star rating

      Posted by Trevor on 18th Jun 2014

      Man! What a great product! It can make a funky smelling didge smell fantastic quick, fast, and in a hurry. It smells so nice that people sometimes have me spritz them with it once they get a whiff of it. ...I'm not even joking. I know I'll be buying more of these in the future. Thanks guys!

    2. Good To Have  star rating

      Posted by Demian Garcia on 7th Jun 2014

      This is something i always have with me. For those time when your buddy wants to play your didg, but didnt tell you they just had a spicy borrito and a cigarette. Then hands it back to you ( yes its happen) Two sprays of this and its clean again.

    3. Clean Didge is a Happy Didge  star rating

      Posted by The Real Didgeridude on 1st Jun 2014

      Super fast application, wonderful clean smelling scent, and great protection via Tea Tree Oil, which is a natural Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anti-fungal, AND Antiviral. The lavender is just a nice touch. Cheap, Fast and east to use, and far superior to making own concoctions that don't dissolve in water. A Must have for anyone who plays alot of different didges, and has others play theirs. Like i said, a clean didge is a happy didge. A funky didge . . . . not so much.

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