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Didgeri-Clean - Didgeridoo Mouthpiece Antiseptic Spray

Artist / Crafter:
LA Outback
    Didgeridoo mouthpiece antiseptic spray
    2oz spray bottle. Didgeri-Clean is a combination of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils in a hydrosol suspension to kill germs, bacteria and viruses on any didgeridoo mouthpiece. Works on beeswax, wood, plastic, epoxy or rubber mouthpieces. Tea Tree oil is a natural antiseptic and also anti-fungal, so a few pumps of spray on the inside of your didgeridoo will eliminate any funky odors that build up from heaps of playing. Lavender oil is added for a fresh, clean and calming scent. All natural. No alcohol. And you get 2 oz that will last many months while costing less than even one bottle of tea tree oil alone.
    A product of L.A.Outback. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Contains 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)


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    1. Love this stuff  star rating

      Posted by Jennie Lewis on 7th Mar 2015

      Keeps the didgeridoo sanitized and smelling clean.

    2. Nice product  star rating

      Posted by Adam Durst on 16th Feb 2015

      Priced right and does a good job deodorizing my didgeridoo.

    3. good smell  star rating

      Posted by hafeez rosland on 27th Dec 2014

      the best smell n clean. hopefully its 100% kill germ, viruses n etc ;) it makes me satisfied n confident to play ;)

    4. Fantastic!  star rating

      Posted by Dean on 11th Dec 2014

      The grade of these oils must be pretty good since the smells are actually quite pleasant. Tea tree oil can be pretty intense, but this has the right balance. It also helps me know that I'm killing off that stuff that starts to make the funny smells after a while.

    5. Sweet Stuff!!!!!  star rating

      Posted by Ralph on 9th Dec 2014

      Sure beats anything I've been doing.

    6. Love It!  star rating

      Posted by Carl Hinson on 5th Dec 2014

      Thanks for the cleaner A bit of a cleaner and wondered how to keep my instruments clean . Now no worries

    7. Smells Amazing!  star rating

      Posted by Matthew Beam on 1st Dec 2014

      not only does it keep my didge clean it smells very good and is pretty good at blocking bad odors!"

    8. Is this cleaner or colone?  star rating

      Posted by Trevor on 18th Jun 2014

      Man! What a great product! It can make a funky smelling didge smell fantastic quick, fast, and in a hurry. It smells so nice that people sometimes have me spritz them with it once they get a whiff of it. ...I'm not even joking. I know I'll be buying more of these in the future. Thanks guys!

    9. Good To Have  star rating

      Posted by Demian Garcia on 7th Jun 2014

      This is something i always have with me. For those time when your buddy wants to play your didg, but didnt tell you they just had a spicy borrito and a cigarette. Then hands it back to you ( yes its happen) Two sprays of this and its clean again.

    10. Clean Didge is a Happy Didge  star rating

      Posted by The Real Didgeridude on 1st Jun 2014

      Super fast application, wonderful clean smelling scent, and great protection via Tea Tree Oil, which is a natural Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anti-fungal, AND Antiviral. The lavender is just a nice touch. Cheap, Fast and east to use, and far superior to making own concoctions that don't dissolve in water. A Must have for anyone who plays alot of different didges, and has others play theirs. Like i said, a clean didge is a happy didge. A funky didge . . . . not so much.

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