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Jeremy Cloake Didgeridoo Workshop at LA Outback
Workshop with Jeremy Cloake

L.A.Outback is stoked to host Jeremy Cloake
for his first workshop in the U.S.
Saturday, February 23, 2013

This is our first event since moving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, CA. Tickets for Jeremy's workshop are already selling and space is limited! The workshop will be held at our home-based didgeridoo shop just 5 min. from downtown Palm Springs. Jeremy is doing a 3 hour introductory class at 11 AM, and a 3 hour advanced course at 4 PM. There will be enough time in between both courses for lunch, socializing, yidaki and didgeridoo shopping (Jeremy's bringing new yidaki direct from Yirrkala).

Water and snacks provided. Please bring something like a yoga mat, pillow or your favorite folding chair if you have one. Some chairs, blankets and pillows available for those who don't. See you very soon!

Introductory Yidaki Course:
11 AM, February 23, 2013

This course is suited for all levels of yidaki playing although it is beneficial to be competent with cyclic breathing. The content includes practicing the many individual sounds that Jeremy uses in his playing and multiple ways in which the sounds can be put together to make different types of rhythms. Many practice rhythms are taught and lots of practical distinctions are made. This course gives people all the resources needed to develop their own yidaki playing style. Men and women of all skill levels are welcome, limited to 20 participants. Usually $130, special discounted first visit price of $90!

The Advanced Yidaki Course:
4 PM, February 23, 2013

This course is limited to people who have done the introductory yidaki course as the information builds on that. The content centres on phrases, composition and timing. Different rhythm structures are examined and multiple practice rhythms are taught and developed in this course. Many useful composition and listening principles are also taught. These principles are very useful in refining playing techniques and style development. Both men and women are welcome, limited to 20 participants. The total duration is around 3 hours, depending on the size of the group. Usually $130, special discounted first visit price of $90!

About Jeremy Cloake

New Zealand born multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Cloake works as a musician, composer, musical instrument maker and teacher of music.

For the past 10 years Jeremy has been teaching and performing didgeridoo internationally at concerts, festivals, museums, ethnomusicology schools and various other events. He often collaborates with animation and video artists for live performances. Jeremy has performed and delivered workshops throughout Europe, the UK, Iceland, Japan, Australia and the Pacific. He believes that music is the master language that we all share and has chosen it as the vehicle for his values.

Jeremy Cloake has an interesting and non-typical approach to music. His interests are within the process of matching multiple world musical instruments with specific intentions and composition structures congruent with his values. All of the instruments he chooses to play have what he refers to as integrity within their sounds: specific sound qualities that are unique in the way they can positively affect the listener.

He has studied Yolngu yidaki playing techniques with master yidaki players in Arnhem Land for four years. He is regarded as one of the most skilled contemporary yidaki players in the world and is well known internationally as a performer and teacher of yidaki.

Testimonials of Course Attendees:

"Jeremy, just a thank you for such an unbelievable, articulate class. Even through sleep, my brain hasn't stopped for a second attempting to digest all that you taught. I have a whole new perspective, and approach with yidaki now, and for the first time in many a year, have this motivation to push further with what you showed. Thank you for your energy, your patience, and I won't let you down. Have a safe flight, and until the next class, take care brother. All the best." - Zed, England.

"It is thanks to you that I left the workshop totally inspired. This inspiration is still alive and it let me practice as often as it is possible. It was really refreshing that you did a lot of exercises with us - exercises that we somehow could manage. Your workshop was brilliant and it was a pleasure to have met you. Ka Pai and hopefully till next year. Best wishes." - Hajo, Germany.

jeremy cloake yidaki workshop