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LA Outback Didgeridoo Affiliate Program

Make money by spreading the word about LA Outback. Simply place a link to us in your emails or on your website or blog. The rest is automatic.

What's an Affiliate Program?

Our unique affiliate program allows you to generate income with very little work by you. You'll be given the tools you need to distribute information on LA Outback through social networks, blogs, or your own site. When a visitor from your site clicks through and makes a purchase at LA Outback, you will get paid a commission starting at 6% of the purchase total.

Affiliates who generate over $1,500 in sales per month will earn an 8% commission, and over $2,500 in sales per month will get a 10% commission. Once your percentage rate increases it won't decrease as long as you maintain an average sales total near the tier's requirements every quarter.

Here's a breakdown on a typical transaction: a customer order totaling $400:

- at 6% you would earn a commission of $24

- at 8% you would earn a commission of $32

- at 10% you would earn a commission of $40

This is on one sale, and a healthy affiliate program can add up pretty quickly at that rate! And you can earn additional income if you refer another affiliate through your account, on each sale they generate.

Does it cost anything to become an affiliate?

No way, our affiliate program is absolutely free. The only cost to you is the few minutes it takes to add links and/or banners to LA Outback from your website or blog.

What does LA Outback look for in an affiliate?

We encourage anyone interested in our program to apply. However, we need to approve your blog and/or website before joining our program. We look for blogs and websites that are fully functional, visually appealing, and do not display content that may be considered offensive.

How can I track my earnings?

Once you join, you can log-in to the affiliate area through the link at the top of the LA Outback site. Once inside you can check your earnings through our secure, automated reporting system.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly if your commissions exceed $50.00. If you don't reach this amount your sales will rollover to the next month. All payments will be sent via PayPal or by check to the billing contact info you provided with your application.

How do I join?

Joining the LA Outback affiliate program couldn't be easier. Here are the steps:

1) You must FIRST register as a CUSTOMER: Click on the 'Log-In' link at the top of the page.

2) Fill in your account information. You will now be logged in as a customer.

3) Return to this Affiliate page and click the 'Continue Button' at the bottom.

4) Fill in the requested information (it's a secure page, no worries) and click continue.

5) As soon as you submit your application you will get an instant email confirming receipt by us.

6) We'll review your application and contact you within 2 business days.

Once you successfully register you will receive your own unique URL which will automatically track all sales you generate. We even provide you with banner ads and text links that you can choose, then copy & paste!

Thanks for your interest in the LA Outback affiliate program!

Please be sure you've created a CUSTOMER ACCOUNT before clicking the CONTINUE button below.