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  "Wongo River Dreaming"
Billy Yallawonga Eucalyptus Mago Didgeridoo

Price: $528.00

"Wongo River Dreaming"
Concert Quality Mago from Australia

Billy Yallawonga mago didgeridooCrafted by Billy Yallawonga

Watch a VIDEO demo of this didgeridoo below!

Billy is from the Manyallaluk aboriginal community near Katherine in Australia's western Arnhem Land region. Years ago we were able to find instruments by Billy on a regular basis. But today, with Billy in his late 70s, he no longer makes or paints didgeridoos. This handsome old mago, circa 1998, was acquired from a fellow didgeridoo importer and has never been sold (or played regularly). The timber is well age-seasoned with no signs of repair or refinish ever needed. It shows only a small bit of wear, mostly on the black ends, but none of the natural ochre artwork has any marred or smeared areas.

This is a collector's piece featuring handsome ochre artwork with a freshwater fish motif. There is no evidence of patches or repairs of any kind. This is not a stick to drag out to the beach or leave in your hot car. It's a piece that feels like it belongs in a museum. This is a serious investment in a very fine example of traditional Aboriginal art. The interior bore is clear and open which increases volume, harmonics, and clarity of tone. The bell end has been expertly chiseled clean beyond what the termites had eaten, which really opens up the sound even further. Fitted with an organic beeswax mouthpiece sanitized with
Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil). The mouthpiece can easily be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Instructions included, no worries.

Soundwise: Concert Quality

The interior is nice and open for excellent vocal projection. Quite LOUD for a gruffish C#. Most of Billy's sticks I believe are mago, crafted to optimize the Western Arnhem Land style utilizing lots of animal calls and diaphragmatic rhythms. This instrument was lovingly whittled down by an absolute master. Billy is getting old and he no longer makes didgeridoos. This instrument is bound to uptick in value in the coming years, especially as a huge segment of the U.S. population is becoming aware of finer quality didgeridoos and want their own connection to appreciate and preserve a shrinking supply of authentic vintage instruments. It's unknown how many more instruments like this one will appear for sale over the coming years, but it's safe to say that there won't be very many. And remember, this particular one has never been owned privately or played regularly - such a find. Optimal strong backpressure for its size and pitch (making the circular breathing technique easier). Fine instruments of this ilk only come around every so often, so if you've been dreaming of owning a serious, well seasoned mago then take it away quickly or it'll be gone. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like a demo over the phone. Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity, care guide, and playing guide.

Watch William demo this didgeridoo for you
and see the instrument in vivid HD detail!

Just click on the video below.

video demo

Specs for this didgeridoo:

Key: C#
Overtone toots: G#, D#, G#, C#
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Wood: Yellowbox eucalyptus
Length: 55"
Top: 1.75" Outer diameter
Bottom: 2.5" Outer diameter
Mouthpiece: Beeswax
Backpressure: Strong
Weight: 5 lbs / 2.3 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIIIIIIII High

What if you don't bond with this didgeridoo?

It can be exchanged within 30 days for any reason and there's no

restocking fee. Can't decide on one? Call 1-800-519-1140 for live help!

Our sound quality ratings:

CONCERT QUALITY First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.

HIGH QUALITY Great sound. Better than most found at comparable prices.

GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.

FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for mucking around on, or as a conversation piece.

GEAR: Click photos for details
Playing the Didgeridoo - CD Number 1
Price: $19.98

Playing the Didgeridoo - CD Number 1
Mouthpiece Covers

Didgeridoo Mouthpiece Covers
Price: $6.98

Didgeridoo Cleaner Didgeri-Clean

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