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  "Vine Groove"
KC Kraudy gourd Didgeridoo

Price: $448.00

"Vine Groove"
Concert Quality Didgeridoo

Crafted by KC Kraudy
Watch a VIDEO demo of this didgeridoo below!

KC KraudyHere's a gorgeous new gourd didgeridoo by KC Kraudy (pictured at right) that WARMLY RESONATES with an earthy, healing sonic! Super easy to play and built for speed, this LOUD didge is filled with good vibes.

The process of seamlessly fitting together multiple snake gourds into a solid yet shapely musical instrument is quite a production, but when it pays off (like it did with this one) it's well worth the effort that goes into it. KC says, "Didgeridoos are a very big part of my life, and since I picked one up it has opened many doors and taken me to places I would not have gone before. I've also made new friends that I would not have met otherwise. I have only the utmost respect for the aboriginal people and the instrument that they founded." KC also shares some info about the special crystals that he lines the inside (bore) of the didgeridoo with, "Black Tourmaline was put inside of the whole bore of this didgeridoo due to the amazing healing properties of the stone. Black Tourmaline is used for many purposes; good luck, keeping grounded to earth, even used to deflect and dispelling negative energy, guarding against radiation and environmental pollutants, and is highly useful in purifying and neutralizing one's own negative thoughts and internal conflicts while turning them into positive, usable energy. Also, Black Tourmaline puts out a large amount of electromagnetic energy that can be measured. The healing powers of the stone are Reiki-approved and put to use with some amazing outcomes!"

This didgeridoo is incredibly tempo-versatile and so easy to play you just won't believe it. Beautifully painted with a vine leaf motif (see photo at left), and near the mouthpiece end there's a wrap of jute twine that offers a good grip for holding the didge when you play. Super light in weight so you can easily take it with you on walkabouts, to drum circles, or jam sessions with friends. Solid, gorgeous finish. Double resin coated for enhanced sound quality, luster and durability. Features a smooth and comfortable
mouthpiece sanitized with Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil).

Soundwise: Concert Quality

This is a versatile didgeridoo that loves to play THUMPING GROOVES!
With its tapered bore and flared bell end this didgeridoo is super responsive to fast, tricky, pumping riddims. It would be perfect for someone that wants a LOUD, lightweight didgeridoo to really showcase zippy speed, blunt vocal hits and gnarly distortion effects. Three easy horn toots, all of them warm against the drone. Optimal strong backpressure for its size and pitch making the circular breathing technique easeful. Watch the video below to see Barry demo this didgeridoo for you. We don't rehearse these videos so this is virtually you picking it up playing it for the first time! Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Purchase includes our didgeridoo care guide and playing guide.

Watch Barry demo this didgeridoo for you
and see the instrument in vivid HD detail!

Just click on the video below.

Specs for this didgeridoo:

Key: D#
Overtone toots: F, C#, G, B
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Material: Gourd
Length: 60"
Mouth: 1.75" Outer diameter
Bell: 4.5" Outer diameter
Backpressure: Strong/Easy
Wall thickness: Medium
Weight: 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIIIIIIII High

Buying this as a gift? No worries, it can be exchanged within 30 days
for any reason. Can't decide on one? Call 1-800-519-1140 for live help!

Sound rating for this didgeridoo: CONCERT

CONCERT QUALITY First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.

HIGH QUALITY Very good sound! Better than most found at comparable prices.

GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.

FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for mucking around on, or as a conversation piece.

GEAR: Click photos for details
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Playing the Didgeridoo - CD Number 1
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Didgeridoo Care Pack
Didgeridoo Carry Bag
Price: $38.00

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