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  "Roadrunner Country"
Robert Remington agave didgeridoo from LA Outback Didgeridoos in California

Price: $568.00


"Roadrunner Country"
Concert Quality Didgeridoo

Robert Remington agave didgeridoo

Crafted by Robert Remington

Watch a VIDEO demo of this product below!

This expertly crafted agave didgeridoo by Robert Remington is offers STUNNING sound with heaps of character and a HUGE 6" bell at the bottom end! It's in the DEEP and BOOMY key of B. It has a tapered, comfortable mouthpiece made of walnut and purpleheart wood. A beautifully hand tooled and painted leather wrap just below the mouthpiece features a handsome roadrunner bird. The seam of the leather wrap is masterfully hand stitched. Near the bell end there's a row of three agate stones surrounded by hand tooled leather bezels. See the close up photos at left for a better look. Signed and numbered by Robert.

Robert recently retired from a career as a goldsmith and jewelry designer which he began at the encouragement of his stepfather, the late Frank Polk, a renowned sculptor and founding member of the Cowboy Artists of America. Robert’s interest in the didgeridoo began after research into the proven health benefits of Didgeridoo Therapy for Sleep Apnea.

Having an extensive background in woodworking, he decided to craft his own didgeridoos from native agave plants, abundant in the Southwestern deserts of Arizona where Robert has lived for almost 50 years. This instrument was carefully tuned and given its own artistic touch to make it not only a quality player, but a true work of art. This didgeridoo is very light in weight so you can easily take it along on walkabouts, to drum circles, or jam sessions with friends. Double resin coated inside and out for enhanced sound quality, luster and durability. Features a smooth and comfortable solid mouthpiece that's been sanitized with Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil). No beeswax needed. This didgeridoo is waterproof, unaffected by hot or cold weather conditions, and very easy to care for, no worries.

Soundwise: Concert Quality

Didgeridoo players have a natural affinity for psychoactive soundworlds and some instruments, like this one, are sonic peyote. The faultless drone, snappy tongue response and strong vocal undercurrents are colored and shaded by washes of shamanic-inspired aural textures. This didgeridoo can create a meditative space to imagine all our ancestors. It delivers a slow burn of open-ended lyricism that changes and evolves over repeated playings. Deep, hollow and vibrant with PHAT BASS frequencies. Perfect for playing at Yoga class or for vibrational therapies! Consciously anti-dramatic and overflowing with rich tonal character and RESOUNDING HARMONIC OVERTONES.

Malleable at any tempo, whilst I find that you get the best out of it at moderate to slow paced riddims. Four easy horn toots, all of them warm against the drone. Optimal strong backpressure for its size and pitch making the circular breathing technique easeful. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Likely to sell quickly. Watch the video below to see Barry demo this didgeridoo for you. Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Includes Certificate of Authenticity, Care Guide and Playing Guide.

Watch Barry demo this didgeridoo for you
and see the instrument in vivid HD detail!

Just click on the video below.

Specs for this didgeridoo:

Key: B
Overtone toots: E, C#, F, Bb
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Material: Agave, leather, wood
Length: 68.5"
Top: 1.2" Inner diameter
Bottom: 6" Outer diameter
Mouthpiece: Natural wood
Backpressure: Strong
Weight: 2.2 lbs / 1 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIIIIIIII High

What if you don't bond with this didgeridoo?
It can be exchanged within 30 days for any reason and there's no

restocking fee. Can't decide on one? Call 1-800-519-1140 for live help!

Sound rating for this didgeridoo: CONCERT

First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.

HIGH QUALITY Great sound! Better than most found at comparable prices.

GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.

FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for mucking around on, or as a conversation piece.

GEAR: Click photos for details
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