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MOB Multi Drone Didgeridoo

Price: $798.00

Description Crafter Biography Playing Technique
Concert Quality Multi Drone Didgeridoo

WIll Thoren DidgeridoosCrafted by MOB
Watch a VIDEO demo of this didgeridoo below!

This STUNNING multi-drone didgeridoo is OVER 6 FEET LONG and crafted from an Arizona cypress tree. It has a walnut mouthpiece and a BIG 5.5" BELL end made of walnut and mahogany. This didge is customized for a new technique that Will, the Wet Yeti, developed to play MULTIPLE and SUPER LOW drone notes. The basic technique involves dropping the fundamental drone or pitch of a didge an exact octave below what it normally is, whilst keeping the didgeridoo normal sized rather than 8 to 12 feet long. The concave mouthpiece conforms to your face for a perfect fit, and is slightly larger than most didge players are accustomed too, enabling better lip movement and control for advanced styles.
Will says, "After being forged deep in the mind of the Moltron, Moltropolis crashed into this dimension and echoed with sounds of... FUNK. Crafted by Mob Didgeridoo with fire-tattooed artwork by Matthew Grosswendt (AKA the Moltron). The Arizona Cypress used to make this was found after being cleared from land under development and aged for 2 years. The concave mouthpiece conforms to your face for a perfect fit and a comfortable, superior seal. This makes a larger mouthpiece easily manageable to provide the maximum amount of subtle lip control that is unattainable on flat small mouthpieces. This subtle lip control is what makes hitting lower drone frequencies possible. This didgeridoo has been balanced so that its concave mouth piece aligns perfectly with your mouth in a naturally held position. This type of mouthpiece is recommended for playing out of the front of the mouth to achieve the Drop Octave and Multi Drone techniques (for more on this see the video on Side vs Front on"
What a handsome didgeridoo this is, not to mention eco-friendly (being recycled from a dead tree limb). The bell or distal end is very clear and open which increases volume, harmonics, and clarity of tone. Solid, gorgeous finish. The outside is coated with two coats of epoxy that have been buffed out and rubbed down with a satin wipe on polyurethane. The interior is coated with a single coat of epoxy resin. Features a smooth and comfortable mouthpiece made from black walnut that's been sanitized with Didgeri-Clean (tea tree and lavender oil). This didgeridoo is waterproof, unaffected by hot or cold weather conditions, and very easy to care for, no worries.
Soundwise: Concert Quality
Will says, "I would best describe this didge as funky. It's a very fast player suited for beatbox, dubstep, speed wobble and funky styles. Overall the balance is such that it has beautiful transitions throughout the multidrone range and can still be played with normal drone styles to their full potential. Great for busking/street performing with aggressive styles. The back pressure is high and the dynamics are controllable to be loud and pull down very soft." Read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Includes our didgeridoo care guide and playing guide.

Watch Will demo this didgeridoo for you
and see the instrument in vivid HD detail!

Just click on the video below.

Specs for this didgeridoo:

Key: Eb / E and more
Overtone toots: C+10 and more
Skill: Beginner to Advanced
Wood: Cypress, other
Length: 72.5"
Top: 1.38" Inner diameter
Bottom: 6" Outer diameter
Backpressure: High
Mouthpiece: Walnut wood
Weight: 7.8 lbs / 3.5 kg
Ease of play: Very easy
Loudness: Low IIIIIIIII High

What if you don't bond with this didgeridoo?

It can be exchanged within 30 days for any reason and there's no
restocking fee. Can't decide on one? Call 1-800-519-1140 for live help!

Our sound quality ratings:

CONCERT QUALITY First rate, professional grade sound with perfectly balanced acoustics.

HIGH QUALITY Very good sound. Better than most found at comparable prices.

GOOD QUALITY Nice introductory didgeridoo, but may lack in tonal quality and/or volume.

FAIR QUALITY Not for serious playing. Good for muking around on, or as a conversation piece.

GEAR: Click photos for details
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Price: $19.95

Didgeridoo Care Pack
Playing the Didgeridoo - 5 CD Box Set
Price: $84.00

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