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  "Honey Ant Collecting" by Sonia Malbunka
Sonia Malbunka

Price: $159.00


Sonia MalbunkaSonia Malbunka

Sonia is of Purrula skin, of the Western Aranda (Arrente) tribe and speaks the Western Aranda (Arrente) language. The Western Aranda (Arrente) land of Ipolera is the community at which she lives and works. Ipolera is 180km west of Alice Springs. Sonia lived at Hermannsburg till 1980, when the people of Ipolera moved back to the land that belonged to them. She paints one story of Gosse Bluff, now called Thourala again. This is a story that belongs to her family, but she only paints about that which is allowed to be told. 

Sonia and other Ipolera artists mainly paint of everyday life, of food gathering, the various forms of food - wild bananas, coconut, berries, witchetty grubs, honey ants etc. Very rarely are stories told in paintings. They are kept closely guarded.

Canvas Dimensions 11" x 17"

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