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LA Outback Didgeridoo Store

Ondrej Smeykal DidgeridooWelcome to our new website!

We've given LA Outback a face-lift and a tech-lift. From social media plug-ins you can interact with to a user-friendly shopping cart with 1 page checkout. This is quite an upgrade and we hope you like it! Please let us know, as your comments and suggestions will help us make it even better. I'd like to thank Mark for his tireless endeavor to get the new site live by our target date, which he did.

Our new site also features beautiful photography by William Thoren (like the great shot of Ondrej Smeykal on the left). Will has photographed most of the famous didgeridoo players around the world, and you'll find many of his images here. Thank you, Will, for your generosity and friendship.

On this new site you'll find even more top quality didgeridoos, didge related gear, music and Aboriginal art, but in a much simpler format. You can also choose to view items by price, style, crafter, or newly listed.

The Didgeridoos

Inside the main didgeridoo category the instruments are broken down into the various materials they are made from (eucalyptus, agave, exotic timbers, etc.).

Within the 'Eucalyptus' category there are two subcategories, 'Painted' and 'Unpainted', allowing you to quickly separate out your preference.

Use the main 'Eucalyptus' category link to view all termite hollowed didgeridoos; painted, unpainted and yidaki.

Use the 'Sort by' function in any main category or subcategory to arrange by price, crafter, newest, etc. This will make finding what you want much simpler.

Find a didgeridoo you like then click its photo to view more details on the instrument and the person who crafted it. On these pages you will also find an HD video clip of the didgeridoo being played. Watch the video to not only hear the didgeridoo, but see what it looks like up close as well.

We're adding full bios and photos of each didgeridoo crafter when possible. We've begun with Will Thoren in the 'Exotic Timbers' section if you want to have a look.

Music on CD

Inside the main music category, you'll see everything laid out as with the previous site. Each CD is listed in its appropriate category(s); solo, traditional, eclectic and meditational. Each title can be quickly previewed right in the category list with our new CD player skin.

Click on a CD that interests you and get more details on the title and learn more about the recording artist. You'll even find YouTube videos on the artist if they've got them.

On occasion we'll be featuring an artist in our 'New and Popular' section so be sure to check that our regularly.

Aboriginal Art & Artifacts

Inside the main art category, you'll find the works broken down into their basic groups; 'Paintings on Canvas and Bark', 'Framed Art', 'Handmade Artifacts', 'Photography' and 'Wearable Art'. For the paintings in the Paintings on Canvas section, artist photos and bios are posted when available.

Inside Paintings on Canvas you'll see three different regions of Australia represented, Arnhem Land, Central Desert and Eastern Coastal.

Inside Framed Art you can view pieces including Arnhem Land, Central Desert, boomerangs, agate and bone art.

Inside Handmade Artifacts you'll find boomerangs, clapsticks, bull roarers, Aboriginal wood carvings and more.

Inside Photography we feature beautiful imagery by Will Thoren and William Thomas.

Inside Wearable Art & T's you can purchase our famous "Walk Softly and Carry A Loud Stick" shirts from our Cafe Press store, as well as attractive bone art jewelry.

LA Outback and Web 2.0

You can connect with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, join our Youtube site and keep informed on the latest happenings here at the shop. You can 'Like' a product or feature to share with friends on Facebook, add something to your 'Wish List' for future reference.

If there's a feature you'd like to see worked into the site, or something you think might need tweaking, please send along your feedback. Your opinion is really important to us and with your input we hope to keep taking the site to the next level.

Please enjoy the site and happy didjin'!