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buy didgeridoo for saleL.A.Outback Didgeridoos and the Wow Factor!
We think the world is a better place with didgeridoo players in it. Let your sonic journey to discover the didgeridoo and learn how to play begin with us. Located in Palm Springs, CA, we are dedicated, non-corporate, friendly members of the worldwide didgeridoo community. We practice Fair Trade ethics supporting skilled Australian didgeridoo crafters, gifted Aboriginal artists, and the top makers of didgeridoos in the U.S.
Buy a didgeridoo that wows you every time you play it. We specialize in Australian Eucalyptus Didgeridoos, but you'll also find our famous Modern Didgeridoos, Agave Didgeridoos, Bamboo Didgeridoos and Exotic Didgeridoos. Visit our Didgeridoo Gear page for carry bags, beeswax, CDs and DVDs. We offer so much variety to encourage your playing skill and help you build an awesome didgeridoo quiver.

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Modern didgeridoo special Didgeridoo Deal of the Day

"I'm a 74 year old retired teacher, but when my very own didgeridoo arrived and I saw it for the first time, I giggled and clapped and danced around like a little kid at Christmas time. I especially appreciate how it was so carefully packaged. LA Outback is just awesome and I would certainly encourage anyone looking for a didge not to hesitate dealing with you."
Kathleen - Bardstown, KY READ MORE
Didgeridoo gift card

The Didge Box is a real wood didgeridoo that's smaller than a cigar box. This talking frog rasp with mallet makes croaking sounds and can be used as a percussion instrument.
The Didge Box
Price: $68.00
Didgeridoo display stand made of age-seasoned, eco-friendly, reclaimed dark walnut by L.A.Outback Didgeridoos Playing the Didgeridoo - CD Number 1

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How to Play Didgeridoo

All of the basic playing techniques in simple, easy to follow instructions and exercises.
Didgeridoo Care & Repair

Learn how to keep your didgeridoos clean, protected and repaired if they ever crack.

LA Outback Didgeridoos

L.A.Outback's Commitments

Our eucalyptus didgeridoos are Australian made and purchased with Fair Trade ethics.
We earnestly recycle and re-use clean packing material. And every product and service
we offer comes with our famous No Worries Guarantee.