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  "Brain Massage" by Logrhythm
Brain Massage

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Price: $16.98


"Brain Massage"
by Logrhythm

This CD is the most sublime ambient offering to de-stress and sooth the soul that's come along in quite a while. Over two years in the making, Per and Eileen Hultquist weave their didgeridoo rhythms, throat singing and overtoning with the exceptional talents of Tessalin Green on keyboards and Sandra Wong on violin and nyckelharpa. Designed for deep listening on headphones, the evocative and well crafted sonic impressions of whales, crickets and hummingbirds will carry you down the path less traveled.

Domestic CD  $16.98

"Brain Massage" is a work created especially for the many people who have had and who will someday have the Brain Massage experience on the famous Pearl Street Mall in Boulder Colorado. Because special care was taken to capture the same holographic feel that is created on the mall, this CD is best experienced with headphones.

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